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Get Paid in Bitcoin as You Upload Photos Online, New Platform Gives Offer

A new service named Lightning Hosted is out with an exciting new package. The image-sharing website is offering to give a fraction of ad revenue to those who sign up to upload images on the platform. The payments are made in satoshis, and the transaction is done on the platform of Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Hosting and Payment on Lightning

Using Lightning Hosted is quite easy and straightforward. All the steps you have to take is to upload a well-known photo, one that you are sure will get traffic, and then, later on, you will get paid for it. It has been observed so far that some of the best performing types on the platform included memes, open source imagery and photos of humorous or viral tweets and posts on social media platforms. But it is important to point out that even though payments can be received for uploading photos, there are regulations and guidelines put in place for the users on the platform for online trading.

For example, there are some things you can post and some things that you cannot upload on the network. For instance, photos with copyrights, adult content images, photos depicting violence and others cannot be uploaded on the network. According to the founder of the platform, any image that will not be acceptable on a beach in California will also be rejected on his network.

Payment in Bitcoin Lightning

Users are expected to make little payments before they can be allowed to upload photos or buy Bitcoin (BTC). This payment is expected to be used by the website for its maintenance and also to stop the abuse of the service. The platform is arranged in such a way that payment can only be made using Bitcoin Lightning.

Once you are able to upload the photo you want to upload on the platform, you will be issued a QR code and a lightning address with which you can get the deposit done. After the payment of the fee, you will get a unique link and connects you with the image you have posted but now with the ads placed.

At this stage, as your views are increasing, the satoshis due to you will start piling up in your account and you are free to withdraw the digital currency at any period that you so wish. Payments do get done but you have to realize that because the website is now in its beta mode, the amount of the satoshis will not always be precise, an observation that was also confirmed by the founder. In addition to this, withdrawing amounts that have piled up will be dependent on when the network is also paid by the advertising partners.

Be Cautious

Of course, this is an interesting offer and one can be tempted to commence the business via any of the mobile wallets that can work with Lightning. However, you should always be cautious at every stage of the transactions.

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